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Welcome to the GEORGIA SEX OFFENDERS NETWORK, where any sheriff's office can easily and cost-effectively display their sex offender list online as required by HB 1059. At only $35.00 per month, with no commitment required, is an outstanding value for all counties. Even those counties with entire IT Departments will have trouble matching the functionality offered at this low price.


HB 1059 went into effect July 1, 2006. can help satisfy the requirements specified in the following excerpt:


(i) The sheriffs' office in each county shall:
(1) Prepare and maintain a list of all sexual offenders and sexually dangerous predators residing in each county. Such list shall include the sexual offender's name; age; physical description; address; crime of conviction, including conviction date and the jurisdiction of the conviction; photograph; and the risk assessment classification level provided by the board, and an explanation of how the board classifies sexual offenders and sexually dangerous predators;
(2) Electronically submit and update all information provided by the sexual offender within two working days to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in a manner prescribed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation;
(3) Maintain and post a list of every sexual offender residing in each county:
(A) In the sheriff's office;
(B) In any county administrative building;
(C) In the main administrative building for any municipal corporation;
(D) In the office of the clerk of the superior court so that such list is available to the public; and
(E) On a website maintained by the sheriff of the county for the posting of general information;
(4) Update the public notices required by paragraph (3) of this Code section within two working days;
(5) Inform the public of the presence of sexual offenders in each community;
(6) Update the list of sexual offenders residing in the county upon receipt of new information affecting the residence address of a sexual offender or upon the registration of a sexual offender moving into the county by virtue of release from prison, relocation from another county, conviction in another state, federal court, military tribunal, or tribal court. Such list, and any additions to such list, shall be delivered, within 72 hours of updating the list of sexual offenders residing in the county, to all schools or institutions of higher education located in the county.


A subscription to satisfies several portions of the law:

  1. ONLINE DISPLAY - You get to display your county's sex offenders online by either importing the display into your existing website or by linking to the display on this site.
  2. HARD COPY DISPLAY - You get a printer-friendly display to help you easily post the information in your county's admin buildings, schools, and universities.
  3. QUICK CHANGES - You get secure access to easily make any updates to your display within minutes! This satisfies the law's requirement to make updates within two days. No more waiting for webmasters!


  1. SAVE TIME: This database-driven solution is already developed and in place. After we receive your signup form, you will receive your secure login within two business days. Also, the site has already been populated with information from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) website, so that only updates and photos remain to be added.
  2. SAVE MONEY: Paying web developers to create custom-programmed solutions for individual counties is cost-prohibitive. (One company is charging $3,500.00 per year!) And less expensive static web pages add up quickly when many pieces of data must be posted. Since is already created, you save tons of money on initial website creation and development.
  3. REDUCE FUTURE EXPENSES: The displayed sex offender data must be updated within two business days. Static solutions require a skilled webmaster to make the website updates, which would add up quickly for regular updates year-in and year-out. comes with a super easy, web-based administrative interface, so any secretary or existing employee can handle the updates in real time and in-house with no additional webmaster fees.


In the official Sex Offender Registration Training Conference offered by the Georgia Sheriffs' Association in Macon August 22-23, 2006, the following questions were clarified both verbally and in the accompanying text:

  • Our website has a link to the GBI Sex Offender search website. Is this sufficient, or must we have one designed?
    The sheriff's office should maintain their own website that lists the required information indicated by the statute. The law states that the sheriff will maintain and post a list of sexual offenders residing in the county on a website maintained by the sheriff. This information must be updated within two working days.
  • If my sheriff's office does not have a website, must we have one designed?
    Yes. The Attorney General's office stated that, "although the provision does not specifically require that sheriffs have websites, it presumes that sheriffs have such websites for the posting of information." The statute states that the sheriff shall maintain a website and has the responsibility of informing the public of sexual offenders' presence in the county.


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(For technical support, please contact DASH Systems at (888) 633-4865. For questions about a sex offender, contact your local county's sheriff's office.)

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